28, Dec 2023
What Happens During a Boiler Service?

Your boiler is a hard working machine, providing heating and hot water around the clock. Regular maintenance is essential to keep it running safely and efficiently. That’s why a boiler service is so important, allowing Gas Safe registered engineers to inspect and clean different components of your system, test safety systems, assess the flue, check for gas leaks and ensure proper combustion.

How much does a boiler service cost UK?

During a boiler service, your engineer will start by looking at the condition and appearance of your boiler. They will also look at the pipework to ensure that it is installed correctly. Then, the Boiler service leeds will be shut down and drained of water. After that, the engineers will take off the boiler casing and examine its parts. They will be able to see any initial issues that need attention, and they will be able to fix them straight away.

The engineers will then assess the boiler’s controls, checking that they are functioning properly and ensuring that your system is safe to use. They will also check for gas pressure, and they will make sure that your boiler has the right amount of gas to operate. Finally, they will examine the flue to ensure that it is clear and that any carbon monoxide is not being emitted into the home.

Having your boiler serviced on an annual basis is essential to keep it working efficiently and safely. It is also a requirement for some manufacturers to maintain warranty validity, and it can help prevent costly repairs in the future.

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