26, Dec 2023
The Benefits of a Plant Machinery Tracker

Plant machinery tracker and monitoring plant & machinery with GPS tracking solutions such as our Qtanium 400, helps businesses improve efficiency, accountability and safety. By knowing where a machine is at any given time, operators can allocate the nearest available & suitable machine to the job, reducing overtime costs & fuel usage. Identifying & scheduling maintenance work becomes easier with the ability to view service history and reports, helping businesses save money by reducing costly breakdowns.

Preventing theft is another key benefit of tracking systems for plant equipment & machinery. With the ability to set up alerts that notify of machinery being operated out of hours or exiting a predefined geo-fenced area, the presence of tracking devices acts as a deterrent against thieves and can help aid in recovery in the event of theft. Some devices also offer an immobilisation feature which, when triggered, shuts down the engine and renders the machinery useless to thieves.

Guardians of Growth: Enhancing Operations with a Plant Machinery Tracker

Stolen plant machinery costs the construction industry over PS800 million per annum, this figure includes purchasing & hiring replacement equipment, lost man hours due to missing equipment, higher insurance and delays on projects. By preventing theft with tracking technology and working with police forces to recover equipment, businesses can minimize downtime & save money in the long run.

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