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Arcadia guest house magnetic island is a two-story Victorian style house in Long Island City, New York. The interior design and landscaping of this building exude with the atmosphere of a bygone age and is inspired by the natural growth of Long Island. The interior design of each room mixes the rustic with the modern, with textures that are carefully considered to be at once antique and contemporary. The house itself has an eclectic blend of antiques and period pieces, many of which were found onsite during a visit to the Island by the designer/entrepreneurial Mark Lowe.

How to Choose The Arcadia Guest House

arcadia guest house magnetic island

Arcadia Guest House is set amongst the trees on the Island where you can hear the soft waves of the ocean surf along with the ever present hummingbirds. It is also set amongst the rare bush and grass that blankets this natural landscape, so your guests will not be disappointed by the lack of synthetic furnishings or the tropical fish arrangements. The interior design uses mostly vintage fabrics, aged wood, and earthy colors, so the only thing that will remain in common between your house and the island is the patio furniture that features the same distressed look that originally was used on the house.

Arcadia Guest House is set to become one of the most sought-after houses on the island. The interior designer, Mark Lowe, has already won accolades for creating a design that combines traditional New York flair with the serenity and tranquility of the islands natural environment. The interior designers did their best to create a guesthouse that would feel as if it was a home away from home. It does not hurt that the house also has its own private golf course and tennis courts. Arcadia Guest House will offer all the comforts of home, surrounded by the calmness and peace of the Magnetic Island.

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