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nutritional medicine brisbane

The nutritional medicine Brisbane Association (NHPNA) has warned that there is a dangerous rise in the number of patients referred to naturopathic medical centres in the Brisbane area as naturopathy courses increase in popularity. Although the association did not put any specific numbers, it said that the growth of naturopathy courses is causing an increase in naturopathic hospitals across the state. This follows a report by the Australian National Health and Medical Association which stated that the growth of complementary medicine had a negative impact on the health system.

How To Learn Nutritional Medicine And Naturopathy

The association recommended that all health professionals providing naturopathy courses ensure they receive continuing education to maintain their professional qualification as a naturopath. The professional body also recommends that the courses offered by colleges of naturopathy be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Natural Medicine and Education (ACNER). It should be noted that many of the naturopathy colleges offering naturopathy courses are private institutions run by naturopathic practitioners who do not hold national licenses. There is however an alternative, the National Accreditation Program in Naturopathy which aims to provide quality training to healthcare practitioners in the field of naturopathy. This program would be a non-profit organization set up by the Australian government and would accredit all courses provided by naturopathy colleges.

The ACNER website states that the organization has been contacted by concerned stakeholders and will work with them to implement measures aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of their educational programs. It would like to encourage the growth of naturopathy in the community through its education programs. The site also welcomes all students interested in naturopathy and suggests that they should apply to the naturopathy course in Brisbane if they so wish. The course is free and is suitable for full time or part time studies. If you wish to continue your education and specialize in naturopathy, you will have to complete an associate degree course at another institution.

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