31, Oct 2023
MRI Clinic Bucharest


RMN Bucuresti is a non-invasive procedure that uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of organs and tissues in the body. It can detect small tumors and blood vessels, and can differentiate them from other conditions. It also allows doctors to see soft tissue damage or injury without compressing the area, and it can give information about how an organ is functioning. In some cases, patients are given an intravenous contrast agent that helps the doctor see certain structures or find out if there is a certain type of lesion. The contrast agent is well tolerated and allergic reactions are very rare.

MRI for Heart Health: Cardiac Imaging at Bucharest Clinic

MRI scans don’t require any special patient preparation, although patients should remove from their bodies all metal objects (including jewelry, watches, hairpins and bank cards) as they may be attracted by the magnet used for carrying out the investigation. Patients should enter the examination room fully undressed but can keep part of their clothes if they wish (they must leave the pockets empty, however). The doctors of the MRI Clinic Bucharest may also prescribe medication to make the procedure more comfortable for people who are anxious or nervous in closed spaces.

Scan Expert’s MRI scanner is a refurbished model from Siemens Healthineers that was bought from a foreign firm because Romania doesn’t have enough experts to run the machines. Valet doesn’t think that doctors will be obsolete, however: “We have very limited scope for training young radiologists, so the machines are helping us to deal with the workload.” The company specializes in cardiac imaging, mainly CT and MRI scans, as well as bone density scanning to diagnose osteoporosis, which weakens bones and makes them more susceptible to fracture.

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