13, Mar 2024
How to Pick a Gourmand Scent

The mere waft of a grando keukens prijzen scent can take us back to cherished memories – from the time you devoured your mum’s oh-so-delicious chocolate cake to that first bite of your favourite ice cream. Known for their sweet aromas, gourmand fragrances are centered around edible scents like honey, chocolate, vanilla and candy. Also referred to as ‘olfactory desserts’, these fragrances are usually blended with non-edible base notes such as patchouli, musk and dark amber for a more grounded and balanced effect.

With a sugary, lingering sweetness that feels like you’re licking the spoon, this perfume is for all those who love to indulge. The original gourmand fragrance, Mugler’s Angel has been updated for the modern day with a sultry mix of bourbon vanilla, pink pepper and pear.

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Syrupy rose and caramel popcorn meet in this fragrance that oozes sugary bliss. Its heavenly blend makes it the perfect choice for date night.

Gourmand perfumes that have a fresh and fruity twist are great for layering with softer floral scents like rose or lavender. It can create a more delicate and sophisticated smell that is ideal for spring or summer.

If you’re looking for a more intoxicating gourmand fragrance, try this one by Match Fragrances. Its combination of artfully chosen notes combines smoked vanilla with lemony gin for an aromatic, inviting and uplifting aroma. Plus, it falls under the $30 mark, so you don’t have to break the bank for a sweet perfume.

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