13, Mar 2024
How to Go About Building a Menage

Building a menage takes a lot of care & attention to detail. Its not something that can be rushed, the initial site selection and excavation along with good drainage are essential.

This will prevent your arena becoming a swamp in winter & causing unnecessary wear on your horses ligaments. Getting this right will save you money in the long run.

Step-by-Step Guide: Building Your Own Horse Menage

The next stage is to create the base for your arena – this should consist of a good quality washed silica sand with a high proportion of stabilising fibre. This will stop your sand from sinking & overworking the horse’s ligaments – it will also allow for good drainage.

Once this is in place it is time to install the membrane – again this needs to be well sealed around the edges. It is often held down with little piles of stones – this stops the wind blowing it away.

Finally the surface can be laid – this will vary according to the use of your arena – jumping arenas are usually bigger & more springy, dressage surfaces are lighter and softer. It is best to speak to a specialist as they will know the right materials for your requirements.

Before work starts you will need to get the appropriate planning permission – most menage construction companies will take care of this for you. Depending on where you live your local authority will have different regulations.

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