6, May 2023
How Asphalt Paving Works

Paving companies tampa is the most widely used pavement material in the United States for residential driveways, commercial parking lots and roadways. It is very durable and requires little maintenance. It will last up to twenty years with normal usage. It also has the best longevity and lowest cost of all paved materials.

What are the pros and cons of asphalt paving?

Whether your retail facility needs an overlay of asphalt or you need to line the entire parking lot, Tampa Paving has a process that can save you money and time. A well paved and maintained parking lot is critical for making the right impression on customers and avoiding potential lawsuits.

Our professional team can help with all your asphalt paving and resurfacing needs for commercial, industrial and residential property. We can do asphalt milling and removal, new construction, overlays, repair and sealcoating.

The first step in preparing an asphalt surface is called predose. This involves weighing the aggregate components with a belt weigher. This ensures that the proper ratio of aggregate, sand and additives is present in the mix. Once the mixture is ready it will be heated to about 300 degrees and stored in silos until needed for paving.

The most important factor in determining the longevity of your paved surfaces is the ground work that must be performed before the asphalt can be laid. Proper clearing, excavation, compaction of the base material and grading is essential to the long life of your paved surfaces. It is also crucial to use high quality aggregates and hot mix asphalt.

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