11, May 2022
HOA Management in Greenville NC

HOA Management in Greenville NC

In Greenville, NC, homeowners have a lot of responsibilities wmdouglas – greenville, including HOA management. Having an effective management team in place is essential to keeping the community in good condition. Many of these associations are run by boards of directors, but most board members lack the time and expertise to keep everything running smoothly. This is why many of these associations seek out the help of a third-party management company. Here are the benefits of a good HOA management company.

HOA management services include scheduling and attending meetings, providing monthly management reports, and providing assistance with reserve analysis and capital expense planning. Other services include debt management, including sending delinquent notices to homeowners, overseeing delinquent accounts, and coordinating maintenance contracts with a competitive bid process. Accounts payable and receivables are also handled by the property manager and the HOA-chosen attorney. HOAs also receive a monthly financial report from their property manager, including a trust account for security deposits.

Full-Service Property Management offers a variety of services for an agreed-upon fee. Fees are based on collected rent and do not include costs for third-party contractors. Services include advertising the property, screening tenants, negotiating and executing rental agreements, completing periodic inspections, and disbursing security deposits per state law. A comprehensive lease package is prepared for the property owner and the tenant. If you are looking for a professional property manager, look no further than a Greenville HOA management company.

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