Throughout history, people have sought entertainment to relieve boredom, enlighten their minds, or satisfy their senses and emotions. Entertainment can take many forms from simple play and games to complex performances intended for large audiences. The type of entertainment enjoyed may vary according to culture, age and gender. However, certain forms of entertainment have remained familiar and have evolved over time. These include story telling, music and theatre.

The development of technology has enabled the expansion and diversification of entertainment. The introduction of television allowed for entertainment to be broadcast to large audiences at home, and the development of film allowed entertainment to be more easily transported to viewers. The internet has further expanded and diversified entertainment options. It has also made it easier to produce and distribute digital content.

There are several different genres of entertainment, each requiring a specific set of skills and abilities to perform. Some of these include music, drama, dance and games. Other activities, such as fencing or archery, that were once used in hunting or warfare have become spectator sports. Some of these sports have even been developed into international competitions that are broadcast for entertainment purposes.

Some forms of entertainment are temporary and short-lived, while others are long-lasting and can transcend different media. Examples of the latter include foundation stories (also known as origin or creation myths), such as the Dreamtime myths of the Australian aborigines, or the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh or Hawaiian tales of the origin of the world.

Other examples are theatrical works, including plays, musicals and monologues; art (painting, sculpture and drawing), which can be displayed in a museum or art gallery; and jukeboxes and bands, which were once popular forms of entertainment in bars and clubs and now are mostly found in hotels. There are a number of online news outlets that specialize in providing entertainment news. They are generally aimed at younger generations and aim to be entertaining as well as informative. They are often criticized by older generations and traditional news sources for being biased or sensationalist, although some of them, such as Buzzfeed and Upworthy, have been credited for fact checking their articles.

Another form of entertainment is gambling, which can take place in a casino or other venues. It is a widespread activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, though it has some legal implications that should be considered. Whether a person is an expert gambler or not, it is still a form of entertainment that has the potential to provide great thrills and excitement. It is also a source of income for some people. In addition, there are numerous mobile apps that allow users to participate in a wide variety of gambling games. This form of entertainment can be very addictive and should always be treated with caution.