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Uluwatu Bali Resort: What exactly is an Uluwatu Bali Resort? An Uluwatu Bali Resort, sometimes also known as an “Abandoned resort,” is a kind of tourist hot spot that features mostly run-down and dilapidated hotels. Often, these hotels were shut down by tour operators who felt that there wasn’t sufficient business to sustain them and thus offered the buildings for rent to anyone who would take them. Now you can experience the charm and fun of staying at one of these great and popular resorts by staying at one of the many Bali luxury hotels like The Istana Resort. This Bali resort is also located within easy driving distance from the main attractions of South Kuta and Jimbaran Beach.

Staying in a Luxury Resorts on Your Bali Vacation

What else makes Uluwatu Bali Resort an ideal choice for your vacation? In addition to a variety of excellent amenities such as a pool and Jacuzzi, this Bali resort has a large variety of restaurants and bars to make your stay truly exciting and unforgettable. Not only will you be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the local area around you during your stay in Jelpung, but you can also choose to indulge in a variety of international dishes served in English or any other languages that you feel comfortable speaking. There’s no better way to connect with the people of Bali than through quality service and friendly accommodations.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of all that this Bali resort has to offer, then plan your stay to include a trip on our boat, The Istana. The Istana is a 90-foot inflatable rubber dinghy that provides sailing and swimming capabilities during your stay in our hotel. Onboard you will enjoy complimentary food, wine, open bar, live music, basketball courts, a casino, a ping-pong table, a beach bar, and more. The Istana is the perfect way to see the most popular areas of the island while on vacation. When traveling with the entire family, there are child-friendly amenities including an ocean-view pool, Jacuzzi, and boat slips that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

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