27, Jan 2023
Custom Metal Fabricators

Custom metal fabrication is a specialized form of manufacturing. These fabricators can help your company create unique products that you need. You can save money by working directly with a fabricator, rather than having to order components from a mass producer. The process is usually faster, too.

What do Metal Fabricators do?

Custom Metal Fabricators start with a design. This allows your metal fabricator to create a plan and a timeline. He or she will ask you questions and help you determine what materials you need.

After your design is complete, the next step is prototyping. In this stage, a computer-controlled machine will produce a digital model of your product. It is also common for your fabricator to use a 3D printing process to produce rapid prototypes.

Once you receive your prototypes, you may need to make some adjustments. These changes can be made before the final product is manufactured. During the assembly process, your new products will be assembled and tested for quality. When the process is complete, the finished product will be sent to you.

Custom metal fabricators are able to cut, bend, and roll metal. They can also create parts for machinery. For example, they can form the body of a car.

Generally, metals used for custom metal fabrication include aluminum, copper, and steel. These types of metals are available in tube, sheet, or pipe forms. There are also precious metals, which are typically offered in smaller shapes.

In addition to cutting and bending metal, metal fabricators can use a variety of high-tech tools. Lasers are common for complex shape cuts. Many fabricators use specialized machinery software, called computer numerical control (CNC), which helps to ensure that the fabricated pieces are perfectly accurate.

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