Compression Sleeves and Socks For Football

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Sleeve socks football is an intense sport where players run, jump and twist putting their body through major physical stress. With little time to recover between games, more and more athletes are wearing compression leg sleeves and extended socks to help increase their performance and accelerate recovery times.

Wearing Compression Sleeves

Compression calf sleeves are a must for football players to enhance their performance on the field. They provide graduated compression from the ankle to knee that helps prevent swollen legs and cramps. They also aid proprioception (muscle and joint awareness) that helps players stay focused on the game.

The Science Behind Football Sleeve Socks: How They Improve Performance

When it comes to choosing the right pair of football socks, you need to consider a number of factors including their functionality and durability. They must be comfortable and supportive while not being too loose or baggy, as this can cause irritation and moisture build-up that can lead to bad odours and bacteria growth.

They should also be made from antimicrobial materials to prevent the development of bacteria, which can cause skin rashes and discomfort during long games. They should be breathable as well, to reduce the amount of sweat that builds up during a game.

The most common way to wear football socks is to fold them under the knees, leaving a small gap between the socks and the shin guards. This way, the shin guards remain in place and are not ripped off, which is often the case with shorter socks that are too tight for the knees.